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IR 101: Introduction to International Relations (The International Relations of Middle-Earth)

Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Patrick James, Spring 2020)

This class is an introduction to the core theories of International Relations and basic principles including questions of war, peace, trade, and cooperation. To this end, this course draws on the J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series in parallel with traditional IR texts and historical examples, providing a unique pedagogical approach to the discipline and spurring creative thinking and analytical problem solving alongside greater awareness of the courses core concepts and principles.

IR 211: International Relations: Approaches to Research (Spring 2019)

Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Megan Becker, Fall 2019)

Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Tyson Roberts, Spring 2019)

This class is an introduction to social science research methodology. Our main goal is to teach you the basics of creating and consuming research in the social sciences, and international relations in particular. The course will lead you through conceptualization and theory construction, the derivation of testable hypotheses, and how to use data analysis methods to evaluate these hypotheses. We will cover causal inference, observation and measurement, ethics of social science research, and quantitative research methods. 

IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis (Fall 2018)

Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Steven Lamy)

Comprehensive introduction to contending theoretical and analytical approaches; development of critical, evaluative, cognitive, and analytical competencies regarding historical and contemporary issues. 

University College Dublin

POL 10160: Foundations of Contemporary Politics (Spring 2016, Fall 2015)

Teaching Assistant (Instructors: Niamh Hardiman, David Farrell)

This module introduces a variety of ways of thinking about politics, the role of core political institutions such as parliaments and elections, and provides some of the key concepts and analytical frameworks and tools used in analysing politics.


Future Faculty Training Institute (Fall, 2018)

USC Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Future Faculty Training Institute is a training program for USC graduate students and postdoctoral fellows intended to prepare future faculty to pursue excellence in their teaching, beginning with exposure to an essential background in course design and teaching.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training (September, 2019)

International Studies Association Innovative Pedagogy Conference

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Training certification, conducted as part of the ISA Innovative Pedagogy Conference, is a training program focusing on running effective classroom exercises, dealing with challenging classroom situations, and turning teaching opportunities into professional success. This program was attended in conjunction with the ISA IPC which included workshops on creative pedagogical techniques, including international education, education through new media, and developing undergraduate research programs. 


Before pursuing academia, I spent more than a decade involved in  athletics as both a coach and a competitor. As a coach, I spent several years working with athletes at both the primary and secondary levels. Currently, I am the Head Coach of USC Cross Country/Track & Field Club, where I lead training for a group of approximately twenty-five athletes.
During this time, I have completed a series of training and development courses, focusing on all aspects of athletic coaching - from writing training plans (syllabi), to creating individual workouts (lesson plans), and the psychology of learning and development.

Throughout this process, I have been consistently struck by how good coaching mirrors good teaching. A focus on individual development, attention to detail within the context of a broader plan, and an informed awareness of how athletes (or students) are motivated all inform my teaching now as they informed my coaching then.

As part of my coaching training, I completed the following certifications:
  • USA Track and Field, Level One Coaching Certification
  • American Sport Education Program, "Coaching Principles - Cross Country and Track & Field"
  • New York State Department of Education, Coaching Certification

And held the following coaching positions:
  • Head (Inaugural) Coach, USC Cross Country/Track & Field Club, 2020 - present
  • Assistant Coach in Charge of Distance Athletes, Rochester Running Rebels Track Club, 2013 - 2014
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach, Penn Yan Academy, 2011-2012
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